Children's Clothes Size Info and Conversions

IMPORTANT - When using this guide, please see the information below the chart. All guides are approximate!

56 cms 0/3 months or newborn
62 cms 3/6 months or 3 months
68 cms 6/9 or 6/12 months or 6 months
74 cms 9/12 months or 9 months
80 cms 12/18 months or 12 months
86 cms 18/24 months or 18 months
92 cms 2/3 years or 2 years
98 cms 3/4 years or 3 years
104 cms 4/5 years or 4 years
110 cms 5/6 years or 5 years
116 cms 6/7 years or 6 years
122 cms 7/8 years or 7 years
128 cms 8/9 years or 8 years
134 cms 9/10 years or 9 years
140 cms 10/11 years or 10 years
146 cms 11/12 years or 11 years
152 cms 12/13 years or 12 years
164 cms 14/15 years or 14 years
176 cms 16/17 years or 16 years

Most european children's wear companies on the Continent use height as an age/size guide.

Now you and I both know that children are not all the same height at the same age (just like adults are not all the same height) but we have found that this method works best for us.

To find what size you need to buy, measure the height of your child (please don't guess as an inch can make a huge difference on a baby or toddler).

If you don't have a wall chart then the most acurate way is to stand your child against a wall and put a rule (or slim stick etc) on top of their head and mark the wall (oops! not on the wallpaper) and then measure the wall rather than the wriggling child.